Friendly SMP Server Info

Enforced Rules:

  1. Entering the End is not allowed until Jan 1,2022.
  2. Nothing obscene or offensive in the builds, worlds, or chat. Voice chat is NOT a part of the server.
  3. No unwanted player on player harassment of any kind. Build harassment is considered player on player harassment. 
  4. The following are only allowed in a lighthearted manner such as for role playing purposes. Role playing is defined as both players understand what there in for. If any are intentionally done to cause PTSD to another, that player will be banned indefinitely from FlexBros friendly servers.
    1. Griefing.
      • Small amounts of greifing is allowed for role playing purposes only.
    2. Stealing.
      • Example: Taking a single diamond from a chest, and not a whole stack is allowed.
    3. PVP.
      • Threats and lighthearted combat is allowed for role playing purposes only.
      • PVP is not allowed for retaliation (unless role playing)
      • PVP is not allowed to settle personnel disputes.
      • PVP is not allowed to intimidate another for materials, a build, lands etc. (unless role playing).
      • PVP is not allowed when it could destroy another’s players items. (i.e. lava trap). Small amounts of item loss is acceptable.
      • Trespassing when posted (within a build) is an invitation of PVP.
        • Traps are considered PVP. Be cautious when trespassing within a posted area, recovering personnel items in these areas is not guaranteed.
      • Gentlemen’s agreement for deaths.
        • After a death, allowing or helping the newly deceased player to obtain their items.
        • Deaths in quick succession should be avoided.
    4. Destroying other players builds, blocks, redstone, and known farms, villagers, animals is prohibited.
      • See Role Playing Greifing above.
      • Do enter other players builds as it was designed by using their doors, their paths, tunnels, and redtone. Don’t destroy a wall and replacing blocks to enter a build.
  5. Duping
    1. Duplication of items is prohibited.
  6. AFK.
    • A player can be killed (NOT by methods to cause items loss) while AFK only for the following reasons:
      • The player cap has been reached and another player wants to join the server.
      • The AFK player is causing significant lag.
    • If a player is killed while AFK, that players items must be placed in a chest at the location of the AFK kill. It is advided not to have valuable items wore or in inventory while AFK.
  7. Judge & Jury.
    • A panel of Judge & Jury exists consisting of 4 members. This panel has the power to enforce rules, implement rules, and ban players. 3 votes in favor are required to proceed with such changes or punishment.  The panel is not required to act or vote upon a rule infraction, it is up to the panel themselves to decide if any issues should be taken up.

General (not – rules / enforced):

Have fun:

  • Please role play and encourage others to role play.
  • Assist others and interact with others.
  • Do something, organize something, or build something for the player community (on or off the server).

Builds & Land:

  • Be kind to your neighbor.
    • Get to know them see their intentions for an area and be considerate to one another.
    • Be considerate of redstone or creating lag (i.e. entities, mobs, villagers) when building close to other players.
  • Be considerate to the player community when setting aside land for a future build as others will be considerate to you.
    • Keep it fair in size in communal areas. 
    • Only keep 1-2 “known” areas set aside at a time. (mark out the area).
    • By NO means is it a rule that an area can be claimed without anything built.
      • Claiming an area doesn’t mean it’s yours. It is only yours once you build upon it. Basically, be considerate of others and the player community or it could come back to bite you (this would NOT constitute harassment unless excessive).
      • Building on the surface does not guarantee rights to “unused” airspace or land beneath a build (regardless of depth). … just be considerate overall.

Redstone, Farms, and Villagers

  • There is not limit on the size number, or type of redstone, farms, or villagers. However please be considerate of others and server performance. (i.e lag, neighbors or across the server)
    • Consider roleplaying and building unique farms, redstone, or villagers on the server.
      • Think – If each player on the server had all the villagers, all the farms, etc, there wouldn’t be much interaction and all the players would be pretty much in creative mode. Does everyone really need their own iron farm? Do you really need every type of villager? Consider leaving opportunities available to others to expand on roleplaying and community.
    • Consider protecting your redstone from unexpected damage from water, lava, and others breaking block in the underworld.